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Tuesday, 6 January 2015 | 07:42 | 0Comment

Few years back. I used to think that, "after this one finish i'm going to find someone and i'm so gonna get married and settle down". But until today, i'm still single and trying to figure out who is gonna be my prince charming. and another reason to be single is cause some of my friend already get married and it scared me how fast did their life changed. Not long ago we had a little catch up. As always the hot topic would be on "how did the person that want to get married the most still single until today". The answer is blame 'her'.

she used to told me that marriage:

------  is not just extending your family.
------ it is not just sharing the bed with someone
------ it is not waking up to someone you love
------ it is not just tolerate others.

marriage is a process to create another carbon copy of you.


I used to hear that "if you want to know how your daughter/son one day, look at you today". well i definitely just ruin my daughter/son life. 

p/s: i'm sorry.

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