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That man}
Saturday, 15 June 2013 | 06:36 | 0Comment

I come to know a man. A great man. Well can be said that he had everything. A good catch i could say if you can had him. But unfortunately this man heart had been taken by this woman. That man love that woman very much. Later in their story, that woman leave that man. For what reason, i never knew. That man kind of break down but he still longing for that woman even there is so many girl around him. I fall to him a little but knowing where it going i build a dam to my feeling. That man still longing for the existence of that woman. That woman really had lose the diamond while picking the stones. Until this time when i'm writing this down, that man still madly in love with that woman. I hope that HE will meet you up with another great woman so that you can be happy and start a new story. Even though it's never gonna be me. I realized that love is not about having that person. 

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