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i'm scared}
Friday, 3 May 2013 | 10:40 | 1Comment

I really hope i'm enough for you. Cause sometimes i feel like i'm not, and that scares me because i think that one day you'll find someone who is. Someone who can give you everything i cant. Someone who is "better" than me. I'm not someone with over the top confidence. I get jealous when i see others try to talk to you in a flirty way. I often catch myself guessing every situation in the worst possible way. It's a scary thought knowing there are someone out there who have more to offer than me. Whether its looks personally or the way they carry themselves. I guess i'm selfish, i want you all to myself and i can't help it. So please tell me. Tell me that i'm more than enough. Tell me that you'll always be here. Even though we made a promise to never forget each other, it's hard. It's hard to face the fact that one day, we will eventually lose the touch. I've never met someone that has made me feel this way before. I've never been happy in my life. 

I really just don't want to lose you. That is all i ask for.

I love you.

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