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Blue Ocean.}
Saturday, 18 May 2013 | 07:35 | 0Comment


Sorry it been few weeks since the last update. Tulis entry je sorry. No excuse hari nie so secara bangga nya mengaku ye saya malas nak update. By the way hari nie tiba tiba terdetik hati nak update blog. Blue Ocean.

Mesti korang tertanya-tanya apa kebenda lah 'blue ocean' tu. Actually tadi pergi wedding someone. The wedding theme was green and it was so gorgeous. Actually kasut yang bride tu pakai paling gorgeous. The silver high heel really hot. 

Habis pasal wedding dia. Nie nak cerita pasal 'blue ocean'. I was dreaming having my wedding theme as 'blue ocean'. Ocean punya warna kan cantik. Really admire it. Nanti paling penting anyone who was invited going to come wearing costume related to ocean. Yeayy.

Im gonna have this rule:

No costume, No entry.

So friends you can start thinking about what kind of costume you gonna wear. 


P/S : if u invited. what costume you gonna wear?

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