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Ujian Further degree}
Wednesday, 3 October 2012 | 22:02 | 6Comment

Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera. Sorry entry before this never said salam sejahtera. I just realize after a person told me. Thank babe.

Alhamdullilah it has been three week and going to be a month in a few day coming. Even still crying called En.Abah asking whether can i come home in weekend or not. But the answer still no so i just stay back at hostel. But that not the point, i still have the one who willing to come and take me out for lunch every Thursday. weee! Do you know hard is to fit in this new environment. Yes saya quite manja and i'm admit it as my weakness. 

By the way, i never told anyone about my new course-mate right. Actually it not like i'm keeping it as a secret it just we hardly get along. Oh for your knowledge mostly they came from A-Kuantan. My favourite hometown. We are hardly mingle to each other. Maybe sebab everyone had known some people so they prefer to play safe by sitting in the comfortable zone. *Including me -,-. Ok ok I'm sorry. Nanti saya mingle lah dengan those people but give time. If you know me before, you would not believe this statement. " saya cakap banyak, but those people cakap lagi banyak" it make feel tiny hahaha. Biasalah saya kan pemalu orang nya. Yeah dan panas baran. I know that. Thank MR.Encik tolong ingat kan. Back to the topic of friends nie. Maybe we would need our time to break the wall of Assabiah tu. Nothing to worry we will the way.

Secondly is about financial problem. Yang nie memang mampu buat saya meraung dan menagis. Nasib baik duduk underground. Kalau kena floor atas memang confirm esok you all boleh tengak saya dalam Metro. Siap front-page lagi. *JokeJoke. Financial problems sebab buku-buku mahal gilaaaaa. (sila baca 6 harakat), saya makan banyak pulak tu, makanan mahal. Dah lah ptptn problem. Silap isi. Okey it was my fault. Tapi yang isi dah betul and dah hantar borang tu have to wait another month for borang di proses. So lambat lagi lah diorang nak dapat duit. kehkehkeh. Kalau yang dah hantar lagi sebulan, me yang baru isi nak nye next year baru dapat. Waaa nak ptptn nak pergi snow walk. eh eh silap beli buku lah. aip aip tangan nie. Suka taip benda pelik. So, terpaksa lah buat loan dengan semua insan yang dah bekerja. Sisterssss can i have some money please.

Moral of the story, sila jangan tiru saya for today, tomorrow or future. Peace.