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Relay For Life (RFL)}
Monday, 15 October 2012 | 07:21 | 0Comment

Hai hai. Meet again kan.

 Saya rasa korang mesti dah menyampaah tengok asyik-asyik minah nie je yang update blog. Sabar-sabar jangan bakar laptop anda. By the way, minggu nie di habis kan dengan aktivit yang sangat berfaedah. Selepas kemahiran Insaniah anjuran UiTM beralih ke Relay For Life as mention in the tittle. Bagus kan saya nie.

Actually Relay For Life nie an event organized to support cancer survivor and people who is suffering cancer. Tagline used was Celebrate, Remember, Fight back. So me and the other friend and senior(s) was there to celebrate and remember. It was overnight event. Starting at 6pm until the 10am on the next. They had activities called endurance and the winner was a boy around 10 years old maybe. He run the 4X400m track for 30++ laps. I was like wow he was so though. Saya dua round dah mengah sepanjang malam. I met few new people. Yea saya akan sebut pasal anda-anda semua. I meet a few friends from MIAT which is friend of my senior. I never know his name since school until we meet at the RFL. Those guy are really funny. How we sit in the car on the way back to UKM after eating. It wass so gayyyy! *ops. Sorry it was both of you look cute like that. Sila buat lagi. I also meet some friend(s) which is foreigner. They were Alicia and Svenja. Both of them are 15 and 16 but they are much bigger than me. Pity me. I had so many memories and i would like to meet all of them again. Next time maybe. InsyaAllah. Nak upload gambar tapi tak ada semua dalam kamera senior(s).