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" I would rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck "

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Sunday, 4 December 2011 | 07:22 | 0Comment

They keep on saying that we are not the same as before.
They keep saying that they missed the old days together.
They keep on saying, let rock  our times together,
They keep saying promise not to hurt each other.
They keep on saying to get through the thick and thin together.

But what they keep on saying still in keep. Nothing had been done to make it a reality not dreaming. "I afraid they would think i ignored them". " i don't wanna be with her/him because he/she so annoying". "i want to be with my besties only, because they understand me better" OK. Keep on saying and keep on giving and excuses. I know some of YOU reading this. Wake up guys. Open your mind. Break the wall that keep on thicker and higher between us. Joke, humor and critic comment take it as a spice of our not-to-long-days-together. Don't held your head to high because when you fall down, you would not know how down to put your head. When you are at the top, looked down and give hand to help other to climb with you. That what should we do. Rock these days left wont be happen if there only just quarter or half of us doing it. Please come and ROCK these days left together. We can make another cherish and remembered memories. I do love all. Because ALL of YOU are a PART of ME

Let reverse the time when we are having beautiful time together.