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Thursday, 8 September 2011 | 06:43 | 0Comment

first time sebelum masuk ke M E L B O U R N E terasa angat berat. macam-macam ada dalam otak. can i adapt ? bole survive tak ? how i'm going to manage without my dear darling? will they way they teach is the same ? arrrrghhh kusut kot bila ingat balik. first masuk kelas terasa janggal eventhough commonly come from    K E L A N T A N. takut sebab terasa diri sangat rendah jika nak di banding dengan orang lain. not coming from a   R I C H family. not a GENIUS person. but after a while everything change.

we used to spend our times together. alah yang nakal-nakal of course la ade. yang pasti mereka RAWR ! saya CINTA mereka. even kadang-kadang terasa sentap tapi mereka tetap terbaik !