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too GOOD is a WASTE}
Wednesday, 17 August 2011 | 21:10 | 0Comment

first of all a million of sorry if there will be some of the reader who going to have a butt-hurt. but im trying my best not to use any REALLY harsh word. those tittle had shown what am i feeling now. it kind of waste of energy for me to have this situation. you know what when we being too GOOD to other they think that we are easily can be manipulated. i don't give a damn to all that thing. if you don't like it then don't try to have a contact with me. i got a big bad MOUTH. i got not MONEY, i got no kind ATTITUDE then just GTH with your self. dont ever think you can bother me. beside i want to give some advice. DEAR mis or mister if you hate ME just dont mention ME in your status FB. especially for those who are FRIENDS with me. i wont say anything, i wont PM you and say, "what the H**l is that !" no im not. i will just take a glance and stay back. see how long is you going to be like that. if you think that im being good to YOU that mean you can use me then you are wrong. please "berPIJAK di bumi yang RATA: if you dont want to fall very soon. i dont know you and i dont want to know you either NOW. just stay away from my life ! when this happen i dont think that the journal entry that i used to write in the BEL260 is valid. now im giving you another entry.

if the person i hate the most is in trouble = I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFERED MORE ! hahaha.

i write this for someone who used to get along with me but then in my back u talk nonsense bout me. thanks for the promotion. you did a really great JOB. i <3 u MUCH dear !

in the nut shell i can say that, BEING GOOD TO that kind of PEOPLE IS A WASTE OF TIME :)