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saya sayang ayah saya}
Saturday, 20 August 2011 | 00:18 | 2Comment

dua tiga hari nie bila online fb jew mesti ada post yang cakap pasal LOVE ayah. so hari nie nak buat entry sal ayah jugak lah. bukan sebab terikut or what tapi sebab minggu nie dah last so boleh la nak touching-touching. my story begin with :

i was the 11 child from 12. i used to stay at hostel so, i'm kind of naughty girl. i'm always think about myself more before others. that was the way i live for all this whole times. why i did so because i don't want to give burden to my only dad but then soon i realize that it gives a tones of trouble to all people that i love. everyone use to talk that they got a SUPERHERO. when they ask me i said ' i dint have any SUPERHERO" it not im not proud having you as my dad. but i dint want to take you as SUPERHERO because i would demand you for something out of mind. you know that superhero would have super Power. i have no SUPERHERO but i have one GREAT DADDY.  i love u just the way you are. when i was at hostel u use to complain that i never called you. im so sorry. i cannot talk to you because i felt like im no use. i could not see you and i could not touch you. it hurt most !.when my roommates called their parents and cried i would smile and turn away. why ? because i could be worst when i call you. when i get to collage i throw you out from my mind. it not like i hate you or something but i tried my best not to remember you because when i remember i you i felt like i wanna run home now. so ,how i wanna study if in my mind just have you. i still remember how you cried when i call you at 3am just because i had a headache. how you urge the elder to call me because you afraid that something is wrong. i still remember how you hug me and ask me to be more tougher for the coming days. how you express your feeling. your words still in my mind

"abah nak sangat tengok mira jadi doktor"  
"ngaji molek abah tak dop duit nak wi. nie jah hop abah bulih wi"
"duk molek tempat orang"
"tak dok duit royak. nanti abah usoho la cari. kijo mirah ngaji sungguh"

therefore ABAH i want you to know that :

i'm sorry for :
1. making you worries all day when i was out and didn't pick up the phone
2. not listening to your words
3. never called you back
4. talk to you with a harsh word
5. rarely spend time with you
6. never tell you that i was proud to have you as my dad

i want you to know that :
1. you do have the key of my heart
2. i love you the most
3. really proud to have mr.IBRAHIMI HUSAIMI as my dad
4. i badly want to be home now
5. you are the mother and father for me
6. you are my idols