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what girl need ?}
Sunday, 10 July 2011 | 08:13 | 0Comment

what a girl actually need:

1. an ear that listens to her voice. no matter how random the story is, how small the problem is, how so 'remeh' the issue is, she just wants someone there to be a listener.

2. a soothing voice that shows concern about her. she doesnt need a solution, she just need the speaker to say good words, commenting on her problems. or more precisely, she needs attention.

3. a 'shoulder' to let her tears out.

she doesnt need u to know what happen to her. she needs u to be by her side, while she's going through the ups and downs. it's ok if u do nothing, as long as she knows she has someone that she can turn to when she's down. someone who would accept her the way she is, someone who cares about her. she can do it on her own, she just need supports. someone who would share the pain with her. feel the pain when she cries, feel the happiness when she laughs, cause that means she matter to u. she just want to be a matter to u.

and know that, the rival to a girl is loneliness